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The Vale do Capão


The Capão Valley give us the typical natural beauty characteristic of the region of Chapada Diamantina, such as abundant waters, delicate and beautiful flowers, crystals and stones, wild animals, beautiful birds and unusual insects.

The local culture has very interesting folkloric aspects, such as "folias de ternos de reis" - something like  the King's fun groups, processions to ask for the rain, or caruru at the San Cosme and Damião day. In Carnival, the fanfare band of the local circus take the streets, bringing joy and lots of fun, specially for the kids.

Also, in Capão, you can see circus and capoeira shows, and several street artists singing and dancing, enchanting the sundays in the village.

The local handcraft fair is rich and varied. In the village you will find clothes, accessories, jewelry, semi-jewelsy, pillows and puppets, and several souvenirs.

The cuisine is varied and tasty, whether served in inns and restaurants or in the tents of the village. The night in the village is lively with visiors and natives of Capão gathering and have fun.

Capão hosts events that attract hundreds of people from the whole country and planet. There have already been festivals here: Jazz, Blues, and Reggae, featuring great names in Brazilian and international popular music.

This very special region attracts people interested in self-knowledge, spirituality, and willing to build a society with better quality of life, honoring the wisdom of the ancestors and natives of the Earth and, at the same time, experiencing new ways of selfcare, so you will find here many therapies and alternative treatments.

The local people is lovely and cheerful.


Being in Capão is a unique experience, rich and unforgettable.

How to get there

By car

From Salvador, access BR 324 to Feira de Santana. At Feira go toward Rio de Janeiro - BR 116. After 70 km from Feira de Santana, turn right and access BR 242, to the west. So,  you will find ahead the town of Itaberaba, the access to Lençóis, and more 70 km from Lençóis the access to Palmeiras, at left. Across the town of Palmeiras and you you take the street to Vale do Capão, 28 km ahead.
We suggest fill the car with fuel before take the way to Capão, at Palmeiras. Take care to the street signals, all the way.


By bus
Real Expresso, at Salvador: (71) 3450-9310 or (71) 3450-2991. At Lençóis, (75) 3334-1112.


There are only one bank office at Vale do Capão, at the mercado Flamboyant, in the center of village.

There are no cell phones signals, but you can use  Whatsapp or Telegram (there are free wi-fi to our guests). Sometimes we can do currency change.

We are 150 mts from the center of the vilalage.

Parking free to our guests.

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