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Taxs: R$30,00* per day per person

Family Camping

Private Parking

Self Catering

Breakfast at the hostel + R$ 20,00, per person
In the camping there is communal kitchen.

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Community Kitchen
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Family Camping
Traga sua barraca

Open area, wooded space, illuminated at night. Community Kitchen. Great bathrooms with hot water and mirrors.

We offer free WiFi and parking.

The camping is a great option for those who love adventure, nature or want to economizesave money.

Are you a group? ...

Before you come, talk about make silence, respecting nature, and respect for others in community life. Children and non-noisy animals are warmly welcomed.


In the camping space there are yoga classes, circular dances, photography sessions, songs around the campfire. Unforgettable experiences. Here, we expect each one to manifest what is best in them.

We urge you not to use illicit substances or loudspeakers in our facilities.

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