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Breakfast at special days is inspired by Indian food.

Indian cuisine is one of the most appreciated food in the world, with its exotic condiments and variety, especially spicy flavors.

The inn serves the breakfast inspired by some meals found in Indian culture, adapted to the western taste.

We do not elaborate Indian meals, nevertheless we are inspired by oriental delicacies, and we offer some sweet, salty, and slightly spicy meals. The Indian inspired meals  are very tasty and appreciated by our guests, and by guests of other inns that exclusively come to our breakfast.

On extended holidays and when we receive groups, the variety of meals is bigger. but you can count with Lassi and Tchai daily.

However, if you prefer our good old Brazilian coffee, you will find in our breakfast alongside meals from the northeastern culture, such as couscous, roots, cakes, cheeses, and fruits.

BUFFET FREE: R$ 25,00 for the general public

For those who are in the Family Camping and in the Collective Room (Hostel): R$ 20,00 per person.

SUITE lodging already includes breakfast.

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